Lumber City - We're the wood guys


Over 18 years experience in projects ranging from townhouses and houses to corporate furniture, hospitals, fastfood outlets, pharmacies, hair studios, radio stations, tertiary institutions etc.

No project is too big or too small.


Relationships formed with developers and construction companies on a continues basis, is testimony to our dedication and commitment to deliver excellent service.

Our upliftment programme also ensures that our workforce remains dedicated, as they determine their own income and afforded the opportunity to grow in relation to our company


We have started a programme years ago, whereby we start off entrepreneurs by supplying them with the equipment needed to effect installations. The programme has had a positive effect on broadening our footprint in terms of equipment growth.

Lumber City consists of:

2 x Panel saws
2 x Impact edging machines
1 x PVC Edging machine
2 x 3 Ton trucks
1 x Wrap machine

Large Capacity

Lumber City specialises in large projects, locally or nationally. A flexible capacity is achieved by our upliftment programme, whereby we create small businesses associated with our company in line with our BBEE vision, thus enabling us to expand our capacity beyond our permanent work force.

Tried and trusted project management principles, coupled with years of experience, enables us to optimise capacity.

Working on large projects has become second nature to us, although every project, irrespective of size is important to us


State of the art design software

We use Cupboard Manager 3D to plan and design our customer's projects to exact specification.